Woodstock...You Can't Get There From Here (Really!)

Lots of people want to know, "Why haven't I heard of this film already? And why is it that I haven't seen this film on TV?"

Well, the story of Woodstock Revisited is very much a story of these modern, litigious times.

Originally entitled, "Woodstock Can't Get There From Here," the initial version of the film was a hard-hitting documentary about the selling out of the sixties ideals. The last half hour of the film contained a relatively lengthy narrative on the rise and fall of Woodstock's famous rock club "The Joyous Lake."

That version of the film put into legal limbo for a few years after threats of litigation by people closely associated with the Woodstock brand.

We now sell both versions of the Woodstock film: "Woodstock Can't Get There From Here" and "Woodstock Revisited," here, online. 

"Woodstock Revisited" shares about an hour of content with "Woodstock Can't Get There From Here," including scenes on Byrdcliffe, The Maverick, Bob Dylan in Woodstock, Opus 40, and The Soundouts." It includes a new beginning, plus sections on The Band In Woodstock, Robert Chanler (MC of The Maverick Festivals), and a new conclusion, a trip to the Woodstock Artists' graveyard with Aileen Cramer. 

 Is it a better film than the original? Not better, not worse, just different. Instead of being hard-hitting, this version of the film...what we call "Woodstock Revisited," is nothing less than a love letter to the ideals of the 60s, and how they came into being.

This version of the film has been seen in about 10 festivals worldwide (The Asheville Film Festival, The Woodstock Film Festival, The Workhouse Festival (Wales), The Nimbin Aquarius Festival (Australia), etc.) , and several others.

"Woodstock Can't Get There From Here," on the other hand, is receiving somewhat of a renaissance since being mentioned in Barney Hoskyn's popular book, "Small Town Talk."