How Woodstock the town became Woodstock the movement.

This is the website for the films "Woodstock Can't Get There From Here" and "Woodstock Revisited." 

Both films could be described as charting the "yin" and yang" of the rise of the American counterculture through events that transpired in the town of Woodstock, New York. 

Both contain chapters on the rise of Byrdcliffe, The Maverick, The Maverick Festivals, The Seahorse Tavern, Opus 40, Bob Dylan's arrival in town in the early 60s, and The Woodstock Soundouts that led up to the more famous festival in '69.

"Woodstock Can't Get There From Here," made first, charts the metaphorical rise and fall of the movement, featuring a long, extended narrative about the rise and fall of the nightclub The Joyous Lake in Woodstock.

"Woodstock Revisited" tells the more happy, elegiac side of the story, eliminating the Joyous Lake narrative while adding a different beginning and end, a new section on Robert Chanler, MC of The Maverick Festivals, The Band in Woodstock, and a trip to Woodstock Artists' Cemetery. 

Join director David McDonald as he takes viewers on a wild and psychedelic ride through 100 years of history, from the outrageous Maverick Festivals of the 1920s to the days when Dylan, Joplin and Hendrix strolled the town's streets as residents.

 As the 40th Anniversary of the Woodstock Festival comes and goes, these two films are the only really new addition to the Woodstock legacy for over forty years, and they continue to grow in stature through time, recently featured in English music journalist Barney Hoskyns' new book: "Small Town Talk."

Woodstock Revisited/Woodstock Can't Get There From Here