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Woodstock Can't Get There From Here DVD


This is the original version of the film -- the darker version...that tracks the rise and fall of the American counterculture through events happening in Woodstock, NY.  This is the version of the film that includes the Joyous Lake story line that was removed in the second version of the film, "Woodstock Revisited." It is an hour and forty five minutes long. Sorry about the kind of hefty price, but I have to burn the DVD, print all the enclosures, stick on the stickers, take it to the post office, etc. However, what you will get in the mail is a piece of human, handmade art, and it's quite the film, if I do say so myself. I still don't quite know how I came up with it: it was my statement about the rise and fall of western civilization in the years after September 11th. It was never meant as a personal attack against anybody -- it was all metaphor -- but some people -- including several in the town of Woodstock., did their best to try to make this film never see the light of day. 

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